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Valid for year : 2008
TND001 Programming , 6 ECTS credits.

For:   KTS   MT  


Prel. scheduled hours: 48
Rec. self-study hours: 112

  Area of Education: Technlogy

Subject area: Computer Engineering

  Advancement level (G1, G2, A): G1

To provide foundations for constructing computer programs and to convey specific skills in a high level programming language. The students will also understand why programming is important. After the course the students will be able to:
  • Describe what will be the output of a program from the source code
  • Use built-in data types for integers, floating point numbers, text strings, arrays and records
  • Use control structures for selection and iteration in own programs
  • Develop algorithms for a problem
  • Construct program from a problem description using different data types and control structures
  • Construct sub programs and use different types of parameters and return values
  • Understand how to pass information between sub programs
  • Construct programs modularly from subprograms, where every sub program performs one task
  • Find and correct errors, logical and syntax, in a program
  • Write programs with basic file processing
  • Describe the following concepts: compilation, source code, object code, executable code, identifier, parameters, scope, visibility, call by value call by reference, syntax, syntax error, logical errors

Prerequisites: (valid for students admitted to programmes within which the course is offered)

Note: Admission requirements for non-programme students usually also include admission requirements for the programme and threshhold requirements for progression within the programme, or corresponding.

Lectures, lessons, laboratory work.

Course contents:
Learn what a program is and how to structure a program. Programming in a high level language including: types, declarations, expressions, statements, subprograms, I/O. Parameter theories: scope and visibility. Program libraries. Data structures like arrays, records and files.

Course literature:
To be decided.

Computer examination
Laboratory work

Course language is Swedish.
Department offering the course: ITN.
Director of Studies: Kenneth Bjerner
Examiner: Jan Petersson
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Last updated: 10/02/2008